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Pocket O’Sushi

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California Roll

California Roll


I like guides, particularly the pocket-variety.  I can carry them in my purse, refer to them as needed and even share information with friends.   Needless to say I was beyond happy when I recieved  my new  issue of edible BOSTON (yes, I am in the enviable club of edible publishers, one of the perks is getting every edible publication delivered to my door).  Well, this issue was shrink wrapped as it had a “pocket sushi guide” enclosed.  Yippee!! 

Published by the Blue Ocean Institute, the guide is filled with wonderful information about the sushi tradition and how to eat ocean friendly sushi.  Who knew eating sushi seasonally can fill our tummies and help with ocean conservation?  The guide gives user-friendly information about the most popular species of fish used in sushi  and lets us know what time of year is best to eat which type.  In addition, it tells which species are in good supply and those that are in danger of being overfished and in jeopardy. 

The guide also includes tips about how to eat at a sushi bar and gives a brief history of the sushi tradition started in Japan centuries ago.  So how can you get your hot little hands on one of these?  Well, you can visit the Blue Ocean Institute where you can either download the guide or order a copy.    And for all you extreme techies, who prefer to use the other handy pocket device, the cell phone, check out ~LT


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