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Mixing Food with Politics Couldn’t Be Sweeter!

In Edible Confections, Edible Traditions on January 9, 2009 at 1:03 am
Waves O'Change Chocolate Bark!

Waves O'Change Inaugural Bark!


Did you know President-elect Barack Obama’s favorite candy is salty caramels? (and President Bush’s favorite candy is M&M’s – interpret that any way you like…)  In honor of our historic 44th US President, local chocolatier (and master marketer) Choco-logo has created Waves O’Change Inaugural Bark.  

In keeping with the salty caramel concept, Dan Johnson (Choco-logo’s confectionary designer), swirled dark, milk and white chocolate together and then dappled it with homemade honeyed caramel and sprinkled the top with organic grey sea salt to make this the Cadillac of their chocolate bark collection.

A great gift for any Obama fan, this mouthwatering bark is available exclusively at the Choco-logo store and factory at 141 Broadway in Buffalo or you can order it through their website.  Sweet indeed!


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