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For Those Who Still Have Obama Fever….Something Mighty Tasty!

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It looks like our own White Cow Dairy got on the Obama bandwagon with their latest incarnation, Mocha Bama Pudding.  I admit, I haven’t tasted this one yet but if it is anything like their chocolate pudding, run (don’t walk) to the Lexington Co-op or to the Winter Market on Elmwood at the Presbyterian Church at Lafayette & Elmwood (Every Sat from 9am-1pm) or if you are out in the East Concord area go to the East Concord General Store on Rt. 240 to get yourself a little jar (or two or three or four…) of mocha-heaven.

Anyone who enjoys eating local and hasn’t heard of White Cow Dairy is either living under a rock or is living under a rock!  Yes, I repeated myself for effect….the thing is this dairy, located in East Otto (in Cattaraugus County for those of you who are geographically-challenged), is one of the only sustainable cow dairies in existence and it is right here in WNY.  I had the honor of visiting the dairy (btw, not open to the public) last summer on a very cool Chef-to-Farm tour.  The sometimes-prickly but always entertaining owner, Patrick Lango, started our tour on a gorgeous hill-top where his “girls” (the dairy herd) were congregating.   After giving us a “brief” overview of the landscape, grass, cows, trees, milk production, milk history and of course, a tasting of fresh, raw milk (straight from the “girls”!), we ventured back down to the dairy facility which is an extension of the barn.

The "Girls" at White Cow Dairy

The "Girls" at White Cow Dairy

As we took our leisurely stroll back down the hill, you could see the numerous maple trees all-tapped which is the natural sweetener that Lango uses in all his sweet tasting puddings, yogurts and sauces.  The dairy facility itself is quite small and charming with an old-fashioned stove on one-side and the other containing the usual equipment any small dairy would have.  To keep the environment as clean and sterile as possible, we were all required to wear blue plastic covers over our shoes.  Once inside, Patrick proceeded with another extensive overview of the “process” and of course, allowed us to taste every single product he makes (yum!).  Needless to say, it was an edible experience etched on my brain and will forever be a part of my “food” memory. 

I guess I should also mention, Lango and White Cow Dairy have been written up in the NY Times quite a few times (this being no exception) and not that that should validate the extraordinary taste of their products (but lets face it, it kinda does).   For those who venture down to NYC and need a White Cow Dairy fix, you can always find their yogurts and such at the famous-foodie mecca, Murray Cheese (both locations).  Not too shabby!

  1. Are you sure it isn’t a tribute to Alabama? And if it is, is it the state, or the band?

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