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Local Hero Spotlight – Patrick Lango of White Cow Dairy

In From the Land on April 17, 2009 at 4:32 pm
Patrick Lango

Patrick Lango

This version of Christa Glennie Seychew’s piece on Patrick Lango didn’t make it into the latest issue of edible Buffalo due to space.  Please enjoy this extended version of the delicious tale of one WNY’s local heroes and why his yogurt may be the best yogurt on the planet….

Tall, lanky, and dressed like your favorite literature professor, Patrick Lango, farmer, maker of artisanal dairy products and enthusiastic food radical, stands huddled over his wares.  Snowflakes land on the shoulders of his tweed suit coat and bounce from the lenses of his tortoiseshell rimmed glasses.  The Elmwood Bidwell Farmer’s Market (where he sells his artfully-crafted yogurts, custards and dairy drinks) is open until Christmas, but none of the other regular vendors are braving the bracing December wind and below average temperatures.  “No ice,” he says, referring to why it is “a no-brainer” for him to be standing on a barren snow covered urban parkway selling glass jars of ultra-thick yogurt, “in the winter I don’t have to haul all of that ice to keep my stuff cold; this is nature’s refrigerator.”  Plus, his customers are counting on him.


What many locals don’t realize as they pull quaint little jars of White Cow Dairy’s yogurt from the coolers of local supermarkets, is that these vessels of luscious, perfectly tangy, dairy goodness are treasures that people–especially foodies–across our great nation would gladly give an arm for.  It seems that every month one of Lango’s fine products springs up from the pages of a glossy food magazine, respected newspaper or website.  What is so special about this yogurt, after all?  And, how is it that this man (along with his family and a handful of happy cows) has put East Otto, NY on the map?  Let me tell you.  Quality.  Simplicity.  Integrity.  These are the three ingredients that make Patrick Lango a Local Hero.


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Local Winery Wins Double Gold at Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

In Liquid Assets on April 3, 2009 at 1:26 pm




“We’re floored. Just our second vintage and we’re able to show off the great fruit and wine that can be produced in our little corner of the world”, says Jonathan Oakes co-winemaker of Leonard Oakes Estate Winery after being told of the prestigious award from the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. The cold-hearty Frontenac grape produces a deep red wine with great viscosity and intensity of character. The 2007 Frontenac boasts aromas of raspberry, cherry, and overripe red apples that dominate the nose, with a delectable strawberry jam in the distant background. Luscious flavors of brown sugar and blackberry are found in the finish. This unique wine will stand up to foods with strong flavors such as spice rubs and marinades and it pairs remarkably well with dark chocolates!

Co-winemaker Domenic Carisetti was equally proud of silver medal winners 2007 Meritage, a Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blend, and the Frosé, a innovative Frontenac rosé. The 2007 Chambourcin also took home Bronze.

Wendy Oakes Wilson, president of the winery, stated that “the Oakes family has a 90 year history of ties to agriculture and the land in the northwest corner of Orleans County. In 2003 we planted our first wine grapes. From that initial planting of six acres and fourteen varieties has evolved into what is known today as Leonard Oakes Estate Winery.” Leonard Oakes Estate Winery is a member of the Niagara Wine Trail and their tasting room is located at 10609 Ridge Road (Route 104) in Medina, NY.