Field & Fork Network – Enjoy Some of WNY’s Top Restaurants for a Little Less this Summer Season

In Restaurants on June 17, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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It seems that the word “bargain” has gained increase usage in our society today as individuals search for the best deals and steals to help them weather the economic storm swooping through our country. As a bargain hunter myself, I was elated to find a website ( that combines local restaurants with reduced prices. Here, customers can purchase gift certificates to restaurants in Western New York, paying less than full price for a certificate. For instance, a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant, may cost a customer only $10 to purchase. These certificates are honored at various local restaurants such as Sample, Tempo, Sonoma Grille, Shadow Lounge, Brodo,  The Village Inn, the Falafel Bar, Cozumel, and several other excellent restaurants scattered throughout our area.

When clicking on the website, you can search for restaurants that are located within a 1-30 mile radius of your home. Once you’ve found a place, the website provides the restaurant’s menu, so you can look over the food, prices, and possible options. Whether it’s a local favorite or a new place you’d like to try, gives people in WNY the opportunity to dine at some of the best restaurants in our area. It also gives individuals the chance to support new and local places, keeping our dollars local!   

When dining out with my friends, we utilized a gift certificate to Shadow Lounge and Restaurant. Not only was the food great, but also having the certificate made us more apt to try items on the menu, such as their three cheese and roasted tomato fondues. The process of selecting, purchasing, and printing the gift certificates from my own computer was so easy that I decided to use it again to purchase a certificate to Sample Restaurant

The certificates do sell out, so the best time to purchase certificates to a coveted restaurant would be at the beginning of the month when the website refills them. However, at the end of each month, there are special deals, in which a person may pay only $3 for a $10-$20 gift certificate-talk about a bargain! I would recommend this website to friends, family, and even out of town visitors who are looking to enjoy a night out but also want to save money. Don’t like purchasing items on the web- you can call’s number (1-888-745-6991) to order your certificate! In economic times, having a website like this one makes it easier to live on a budget- Enjoy!

posted by Lauren Daniel

  1. Great article! Neat website to find savings and try a new restaurant!

  2. Yes, very helpful! Thanks much.

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