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Spring Is Here- And So Is Maple Syrup Season!

In Uncategorized on March 20, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Local New York State maple syrup from Farmers & Artisans of Williamsville, NY.

We’re in for a sweet March in Western New York. With record-setting high temperatures and the arrival of maple syrup season, there is an abundance of ways to get your sweet fix.

There are over 500 maple producers in New York State collecting maple sap. It takes 40 gallons of sap to create one full gallon of syrup, and during a typical season a tree can produce 10-20 gallons per tap (depending on the tree, weather conditions, length of the sap season, and method of collection). Once gathered, the sap is boiled to evaporate the water. What remains after that is the thick, sweet maple syrup we all know, love, and like to smother our pancakes with.

Farmers & Artisans, located in Williamsville, kicked off maple season last weekend with a “Pancakes on Spring Street” event. Customers who stopped by enjoyed pancakes drizzled with local maple goodness from Flyway Farm, along with breakfast sausage and applesauce. Don’t fret about missing the event- you can still pick up local syrup from Farmers & Artisans before it flies off the shelves.

If you’re still in search of a sweet spot, several local farms in Niagara County are showcasing their maple-syrup producing capabilities for free this weekend. Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on March 24 and 25, both Wolf Maple Products of Middleport and Niagara Forestry of Cambria are opening the doors to their sugar shacks to give the public a glimpse at what really goes in to making maple syrup. With a great weather forecast in store, it’s a great opportunity to bring the family out, take a tour of some local facilities, taste-test some samples and take home a bottle of local maple syrup.

For more information on Farmers & Artisans you can visit their website at or find them on Facebook. Additional details for Niagara County’s Maple Weekend can be found at or on the Experience Niagara USA Travel Blog at


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