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Lewiston Up For National “Best For Food” Title

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2012 at 5:06 pm

Lewiston is currently in 2nd place on the USAToday/Rand McNally list of “Best for Food” small towns in America. They stand behind last year’s runner-up, Burnsville Minnesota.

A combination of three things determines the winner- votes, reviews and judges. The towns that garner the most votes and “quality reviews” will host visiting judges in June/July. The judges consist of a two-person road rally team that will cross the country and evaluate each town’s culinary fare. Last year, Lafayette, Louisiana, won the title and judges spent 40 hours there, visiting over 10 local restaurants.

Please put together a couple of sentences (more if you’d like) about why Lewiston is a food lover’s paradise. Feel free to mention your favorite restaurants. You can also upload pictures too. Where do you love to eat in Lewiston? Carmelo’s? DiCamillo’s? You can also encourage others to join in and vote too- it’s a community and regional effort!

How To Vote::

1) Click here:

2) Click the green button, Review and Vote.

3) Put in your information to register to vote. (If you don’t want email updates, uncheck that box.)

4) You will be taken back to the Lewiston page automatically after you register. Once there, click on the Review and Vote button, and type in your statement why you think Lewiston is deserving of the Best For Food for Small Towns in America.

5) Select “Best For Food” in the box below and click the green Review and Vote button again, and you’re done. You may get a box pop-up that asks you if you want to share your review on a social network like Facebook. You can choose one, or just click the “X” and make the box disappear.

We’ll keep you posted on the results- keep voting!

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