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Eat Drink Local Week, Day 7: Eat Local at The Roycroft Inn

In Uncategorized on June 28, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Photo courtesy of The Roycroft Inn’s Facebook page

The Roycroft Inn is an important landmark located in the heart of the village of East Aurora, NY. As part of the historic Roycroft Campus, the Roycroft Inn was opened in 1905 to accommodate visitors who traveled to the campus to experience and learn about the Roycroft way of life. The vision of Elbert Hubbard, a pioneer and founder of the American Arts & Crafts Movement, the Roycroft Campus became a hub for entrepreneurship, creativity and learning.

Today the Inn attracts visitors from all over the globe who come here to learn about the Roycroft movement. With its world-class appeal guests can also experience top-notch dining which embraces our local food movement. Very much in the same spirit of Elbert Hubbard who nurtured artisans, the dining room at the Roycroft Inn nurtures our palates with delicious seasonal meals prepared using local ingredients and paired with local beer and wines.

The quote at the top of their dining menu encapsulates the spirit of Roycroft from its early years and bridges it with today’s dining sensibility:

“Consider the Apple. Plucked and eaten in solitude – just an apple. Baked in a crust and cooled on a windowsill – the essence of a nation. Offered as a gift with a sultry smile – the downfall of man. The True inspiration for cooking comes from seeing and holding in your hands perfect ingredients – ingredients that fill you with the pleasure of being alive.”

Eat, drink and be enlightened.

For more information about the Roycroft Inn please visit You can also find them on Facebook.


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