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NOFA-NY Announces Scholarship Program Toward Participation In CSAs

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The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) is announcing a program to make local, organic vegetables available to Rochester and Buffalo residents at an affordable price: the Neighborhood Farm Share Program. The Neighborhood Farm Share Program provides qualifying residents of Buffalo and Rochester with financial support to participate in local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. Participants receive up to a $100 reduction in cost for a CSA share from a local farm. The participant pays the remainder of the cost of the share. Interested participants should complete an application for the Neighborhood Farm Share Program as well as a membership form for the CSA. Both of these are available from NOFA-NY: or by calling – 585-271-1979 ext. 505.

Limited opportunities to obtain fresh produce are one of the key factors that contribute to high rates of obesity and chronic disease. Many Rochester and Buffalo-area residents are looking for consistent access to sustainably and locally grown vegetables. One method is to buy directly from the farmer through a marketing scheme called, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In the CSA direct-marketing relationship between consumers and a local farm, consumers pay, up front, for a season’s worth of produce and, in return, receive a weekly delivery of the freshest vegetables. Each share typically feeds a four-person family, although shares can be split to accommodate smaller families and singles.

The project features a mid-summer to fall CSA share, with delivery starting the second weekend in August. Applications for financial assistance are due August 3rd. Consumers who are interested in joining CSA and finding out about the scholarship program should contact NOFA-NY at (585) 271-1979 ext 505 or

NOFA-NY is a non-profit organization that aims to build an organic and sustainable food system which makes healthy food available to all in New York. Financial support is made possible a generous donation from the Rupp Family Foundation, the USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program, and participating CSA farms: Porter Farm in Elba, NY and Peacework Farm in Newark, NY. NOFA-NY staff are happy to give presentations on CSA and the scholarship program at churches, workplaces, or community centers in the Rochester and Buffalo Area.

CORRECTION: The form for PORTER FARMS Buffalo Registration quotes the wrong amount for sign up.  It is supposed to be $240, as stated on the Neighborhood Farm Share Application.  The corrected form can be found here.

Post courtesy of Kristina Keefe-Perry, NOFA-NY. 


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