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Flying Bison Brewery Spreads Its Wings In Buffalo

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by Michelle Blackley

Flying Bison Brewing Company packages its beer in the heart of Buffalo. It is the first independent brewery to operate within city limits, since Iroquois Brewery shut its doors in 1972.

An award-winning brewer with over 30 years of experience, owner Tim Herzog made a strong commitment from the inception of this company, as merely an idea to establish Flying Bison Brewing Company and recreate what was once a flourishing industry. This commitment and a passion for quality beer have allowed Flying Bison to become what it is today.

Tours of the production facility are given Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons, and they include a small sample or larger tasting for a cost.

Seasonal flavors are available, along with Flying Bison’s regular selection:

Aviator Red

Ruby red and malty flavored with a medium body and a spicy hop signature to balance. Drinkable on its own, but full flavored enough to pair with your favorite foods. Some of our favorites are BBQ (of course, duh), roast pork, and anything spicy, available in bottles and on draft all year round.

Rusty Chain

A medium bodied Vienna style amber beer, it has a soft nutty, malt flavor with a hint of caramel. Just enough German hops to balance the finish. Available locally, the “chain” goes great with chicken, milder fish and especially with grilled vegetables. It is a great summer beer.

Buffalo Lager

This light bodied golden beer has a very balanced flavor with soft, clean finish. A great afternoon picnic beer, it matches well with lighter tasting foods, milder cheeses or just great all on its own. Available in bottles at local stores and on draft all year round.

For more information in Flying Bison Brewing Company, visit their website at or find them on Facebook at flyingbisonbrewing. Follow them on Twitter @flyingbison.


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