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Register now for the NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge!

In Uncategorized on August 27, 2012 at 4:32 pm

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The Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA-NY) is excited to announce the launch of its 3rd annual NY Locavore Challenge. This month-long challenge encourages individuals to consume as much locally and sustainably produced food during the month of September as possible.

By reconnecting consumers with the farms that grow their food, NOFA-NY enables eaters to support sustainable growing practices that positively affect the health of the land, water, and people of New York State. And by choosing to eat locally, Locavore participants help reduce the environmental impact of shipping food all over the world. They also are putting more money directly into the hands of local farms and businesses, building a healthier regional economy, while getting the added benefit of eating food that is at peak ripeness and tastiness.

Eating all local down to the ingredient can be a challenge (hence the name Locavore Challenge), and with the help of our sponsors and partners across New York State, we help guide consumers throughout the challenge and beyond.

The 3rd Annual NY Locavore Challenge’s theme is 30 Challenges in 30 Days. Each day during the month of September, NOFA-NY and its partners will highlight a fun food based challenge that participants can complete in their own home or communities. The month will also promote a growing number of food and farming events happening across the state. Participants are encouraged to try as many of the challenges and attend as many of the events as possible. Prizes will be awarded for blog posts, pin boards, photos and recipes that best highlight the challenge.

To conclude the challenge, NOFA-NY is sponsoring a Potluck Across New York on Sunday, September 30. On this night, groups of New Yorkers from Niagara Falls to the tip of Long Island will join together in their own communities, sharing locally produced food and celebrating a healthy month of change and growth.

Registration is FREE for consumers, but donations are very welcome. Sponsorship opportunities are also still available for farms, businesses and markets. For detailed information on the NY Locavore Challenge visit the challenge website at

Post courtesy of NOFA-NY.


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