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Dæd Days of Summer

In Uncategorized on August 31, 2012 at 4:23 pm

Eric Haaland pours from Medusa.

Two friends’ hobby of brewing craft beer that turned into a passion is now a pseudo brewing company. Dædelus Brewing is the project of 30-somethings J. Ryan Santarini and Dave Jerzewski, both of Buffalo, NY.

Striving to heed the lifework of Dædalus, a Greek mythological figure who was a highly regarded skilled craftsman. His message is one of moderation, taking the road less traveled and maintaining balance. Santarini and Jerzewski are taking this theory into the brewing room and as a result, have five different beers to showcase.

As a thank you to their friends and family, Santarini and Jerzewski recently held a picnic and Kan-Jam Tournament at Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park, NY where ticketed guests were entered into a raffle for home brewing related products, enjoyed a homemade lunch of Italian sausage, macaroni and cheese, and Jalapeño coleslaw, provided by foodie friend Alex Dominiak.

The guest of honor was Medusa, an invention by Santarini and Jerzewski that pours all five of their beers via piping through a black bar hiding the kegs. During the summer they were able to produce one to two kegs per brew.

Starting with the Flavia Majoria (5% ABV) this Blonde Ale is big and crisp. Easing away from this afternoon beer, guests tried the Smoethin’ Witty (5.5% ABV). Recommended to those whom are new to craft beers, this one gives your palate a wheat offering with sweet Valencia orange, and hints of coriander and Hallertau hops on the nose. Midnight Sunshine (7.6% ABV) blends the rich complexities of a Porter with the bright citrus notes of an IPA. Four malts give it a deeply roasted, full flavor. The Inventor (7.7% ABV) is dry-hopped with good balance. Ending the experience was a cup of Minotaur (8.2% ABV), an explosive cascade and centennial hop taste and decadent caramel malt.

Food at the Beer Picnic

When asked why they held the picnic, Santarini and Jerzewski said it was to enhance the craft beer culture in Buffalo by sharing their brews and therefore, creating a conversation around them.

Read more about home brewers and Western New York’s craft beer culture in the fall 2012 issue of edible Buffalo.


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