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Heirloom Seedlings at Urban Roots

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Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter, Beam’s Yellow Pear, Big Zebra, Paul Robeson….No, I did not just describe a financial guru, a type of pear, an animal you would see at the zoo or someone’s father.  Those are actually the name of heirloom varieties of tomatoes.  Urban Roots  just announced the arrival of their heirloom seedlings whose selection this year includes those tomato varieties mentioned above.  

Heirloom is one of those words that has creeped back into people’s food vocabulary in recent years for many reasons.  While there is no clear cut definition for heirloom when it is used to describe plants, there is no denying their delicious, aromatic taste.   I guess the most basic definition is that heirloom refers to those vegetable or fruit seedlings that were in existence before the end of WWII (1945).  This marked the beginning of large farmers and industrialized farms using more and more hybrid seeds.  In essence a true heirloom is a cultivar that has been nurtured, selected, and handed down from one family member to another for many generations and not crossed with any other “breed”.  They must be open-pollinated varieties that were bred and stabilized using traditional breeding practices (no GMO’s allowed!).

Teaming up with Thorpe’s Family Organic Farm,  Urban Roots is offering a variety of heirloom seedlings this season including eggplant and sweet and hot peppers.  The seedlings are $1.99 each and well worth the money.  Engage your inner gardener this season and plant some heirloom vegetables!

For Those Who Still Have Obama Fever….Something Mighty Tasty!

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It looks like our own White Cow Dairy got on the Obama bandwagon with their latest incarnation, Mocha Bama Pudding.  I admit, I haven’t tasted this one yet but if it is anything like their chocolate pudding, run (don’t walk) to the Lexington Co-op or to the Winter Market on Elmwood at the Presbyterian Church at Lafayette & Elmwood (Every Sat from 9am-1pm) or if you are out in the East Concord area go to the East Concord General Store on Rt. 240 to get yourself a little jar (or two or three or four…) of mocha-heaven.

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Mixing Food with Politics Couldn’t Be Sweeter!

In Edible Confections, Edible Traditions on January 9, 2009 at 1:03 am
Waves O'Change Chocolate Bark!

Waves O'Change Inaugural Bark!


Did you know President-elect Barack Obama’s favorite candy is salty caramels? (and President Bush’s favorite candy is M&M’s – interpret that any way you like…)  In honor of our historic 44th US President, local chocolatier (and master marketer) Choco-logo has created Waves O’Change Inaugural Bark.   Read the rest of this entry »

Pocket O’Sushi

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California Roll

California Roll


I like guides, particularly the pocket-variety.  I can carry them in my purse, refer to them as needed and even share information with friends.   Needless to say I was beyond happy when I recieved  my new  issue of edible BOSTON (yes, I am in the enviable club of edible publishers, one of the perks is getting every edible publication delivered to my door).  Well, this issue was shrink wrapped as it had a “pocket sushi guide” enclosed.  Yippee!!  Read the rest of this entry »